13 November 2009

Two weeks to Wukuf

The atmosphere around the Masjidil Haram today (13 Nov. 2009) during Solat Jumaat.
Photo courtesy of Manzlie Makkah Blogspot (this blog is updated daily bringing latest development in the Holy City)

It is now just two weeks away from wukuf. I still remember clearly when I was in Makkah for hajj three years ago that during this time - just two weeks away to the climax of the hajj - the holy city of Makkah would be choked-full of people.

The Masjidil Haram would be jam-packed with pilgrims 24 hours a day either praying, doing the tawaf, doing the the saie, reciting the Quran or just lying on the floor, resting.

I would watch in awe at the pilgrims going about their business. To think that all these people of varying nationalities, and shades of skin from the four corners of the globe could congregate in this holy city foregoing the comfort of their homes in search of Allah's pleasure really struck me as an act of highest humility and total submission to Allah, the Lord, our Creator.

This year's hajj season sees quite a number of my office mates - including the boss - answering the call of Allah the Almighty. My mother-in-law is also there now. One of my riding mates, Kolonel Azudin, shall be leaving this coming Monday. And of course, my old friend Sudin, too.

I pray that they will all be able to perform their duties well and come back safely, recharged and rejuvenated in their iman.

oleh: Azizi Ahmad Termizi

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