02 March 2010

The Last Encounter Of The Earthly Kind

by mzauri@pc.jaring.my

Tidak kami sangka, pertemuan yang sungguh menggembirakan ini, merupakan pertemuan kali terakhir kami dengan seorang insan yang bernama Mustafa bin Osman. Al-fatihah.

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soffie said...

This is Soffie again,
Allahyarham Tapa Osman was my Parit Buntar primary school classmate. He was from Ipoh before settling in Parit Buntar in 1973. In 1974, well, we all joined the Padang Katong infantry @ Hostel Form 1 Sekolah Sains Pengelis!!!

He was a real close buddy of mine, with him taking the upper deck of the double decker bed. He was really huge (at that age), and I always had the thinking that the upper deck might gave way! In spite of his physique, he was a like a gel when comes to insects.

Let's us sedekah "Al-Fatihah" to him and May Allah Bless his Soul.


lagu-lagu top 1974-78