01 March 2010

Al-Fatihah buat Mustapha Osman

Gambar di dormitory prefect, 1978. L to R: Amin, Zaim, Rasin, Azizi, Nurshah, Allahyarham Mustafa, Azhar, Nizar, Suresh, Sharifuddin dan Asmuni (menyamar sebagai pengawas)

Sahabat kita Mustapha bin Osman kembali ke rahmatullah kelmarin, Ahad 28.2.2010.

He was fondly called Tapa, and Tapa was a good friend of mine. He was the jovial type and almost always had a smile on his face. I remember he was especially good in maths and physics.

We used to stay in the same dormitory room (the prefect's room) during form 5. And we used to play volleyball together in the evenings. But it was in basketball that he excelled and represented SMSPs.

During those days Tapa's family stayed in Parit Buntar. So when we Perak students went back home for school term holidays, he would be one of the earliest to alight the train and leave us to continue on our journey down south from Butterworth.

I went in search of Tapa one Raya day a few years ago. By that time his parents had moved to Ipoh. I found their house. Alas, Tapa and his whole family were all in KL for the Raya.

But I did manage to get his contact number from one of his neighbours. So I called him up and surprised him.

We promised to meet up. But never got around to doing it.

Oh, how I regret it now.

Al-Fatihah buat Mustapha bin Osman, teman seangkatan. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Amin.

oleh: Azizi Ahmad Termizi



Anonymous said...

The last time I met him when I was in London, I think that was in the Malaysia Hall, Bryanston Square. He was studying in Brighton, South England doing his OND whilst I was doing my A levels in Wrexham. Typical of LLN scholars at that time to do Ordinary National Diploma before going for the degree in electrical. After that I lost contact with him. Didn't manage to go to Norshah's wedding.. May Allah showers His Mercy and Forgiveness on him and us.Ameen...Aizuddin

norshahshoib said...

Met him a few months before he died with Nayan..came to my wedding tooo.....al fatihah

lagu-lagu top 1974-78